European Learning Centre’s belongs to a growing network of (currently) four training centres in the rural area of the Cadiz Mountains in Southern Spain. It’s main aims are : (1) to cater to the needs of the local and regional enterprises,  (2) to support other public institutions doing research, development and innovation, and  (3) to offer alternative training tools, and methodologies to the existing ones in our area (ie. videoconferencing or web 2.0 e-learning). 

Our chief areas of training are in language learning and ICT. This institution works primarily with adults in the local and regional community interested in furthering their education in a non-formal context. Public funding is received to subsidise accreditation and certification of the training received, as well as to fund the specialisation of workers and to improve the employability of long-term unemployed learners. It is also involved in LLP courses for SMEs, on-site and online training and blended solutions for enterprises. Most of these are custom-made and adapted to the specific needs of the workers and enterprises of the area. The organisation maintains a permanent number of staff between 25 and 30, plus a fluctuating number of outsourced freelancers and ad-hoc teachers. The annual student population averages 1000 students. ELC works very closely with the regional adult education centres named CEPER 7Villas, a public institution with which it has collaborated extensively in the fields of LLP, curriculum development and basic literacy skills, career counselling and non-formal courses for the general adult community.