TRANSFER is a non-profit organisation founded in 1991 in Gironde by a group of social workers, researchers and business leaders. Our association’s project aims to improve the professional and social circumstances of people among the most disadvantaged. It is particularly driven by the belief that an effective fight against precariousness and exclusion, suffered by some people, goes through initiatives that concretely bring together social and business actors.
Our business is the design and implementation of methods and operational tools for organisations and mediation practitioners for employment, inclusion and integration, in order to enhance the effectiveness of population services, in a training-action process.
Our team brings together skills in training, applied research, evaluation, management of territorial or thematic projects and support. Our missions are divided into two parts. 
1 – The establishment of mediation operational services for employment integrated in land social policies, in partnership with public authorities and associations (in reference to an integration method: «Intervention sur l’offre et la demande» (Action on supply and demand) – IOD). 
2 – The professionalization of social work and integration practitioners, with major orientations both to better enhance resources of populations that are the most in need and to more directly offer them accessible and diverse solutions. These missions are conducted in different institutional contexts: social and integration services; welcome structures; training institutes in social work…
To support these missions, the association has a service of applied research and partnerships with networks of researchers and external consultants.