WYŻSZA SZKOŁA BIZNESU I NAUK O ZDROWIU (WSBINOZ) is the first non-public higher education institution in central Poland that offers health-allied and medical-allied studies as well as business and pedagogy faculties. The world class school facility and an outstanding training atmosphere promoted by highly competent and most distinguished specialist, practitioners and academic teachers guarantee the unique and ambitious curriculum, theoretical knowledge and practical skills so desired in professional life. Young adults are taught how to take advantage of the acquired skills and knowledge as well as to keep on developing personal abilities and become professionally successful. 
WSBINOZ conducts numerous researches and educational projects, cooperates with various education and health care institutions, remains locally and regionally active in the field of conference and workshops organization, social work and community elicitation. Prominent and well-qualified managers, determined students and academics guarantee its successful development and involvement in various thematic projects related to development of new ideas and services, curriculum building, preparation course syllabus, elaboration of materials and terminology for thematic courses and others. 
WSBINOZ is situated in the center of Poland, in city of Lodz that presently displays a high growth potential and splendid prospects of becoming major business hub in the Central and Eastern Europe, although the employment rate is 9,5%. Moreover, Lodz is an important international research center that enjoy good reputation in the world. Its immense scientific potential exerts direct influence on science development in the country.
WSBINOZ has previously been involved in several educational projects covering fields of early education, intergenerational education, migrant issues, project management, business process management, social issues as well as healthy nutrition and language learning both as a coordinator and as a partner. Activities that WSBINOZ has been responsible for include: conduction of field research, delivery of summary report, delivery of course curriculum and pilot courses, cooperation with local and regional authorities, decision makers, cooperation with media in order to disseminate undertaken activities and to make the results visible for wider audience.